About me

About Me

Experienced Penetration Tester with 5+ years of expertise in CTF challenges and Bug Bounty hunting, with foundational skills in Red Teaming.

Proven track record in identifying vulnerabilities and securing systems. Passionate about continuous learning and dedicated to securing digital landscapes.

I have an Infosec type of blog, where I write about hacking related kinds of stuff.

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The Shahzada

A bit about me

Hi, This is Shahriar Khan (a.k.a TheShahzada) from Bangladesh.

I started my career as a Bug Bounty Hunter on HackerOne in 2017, I found my first security vulnerability on Yahoo! Then I started playing CTF on HackTheBox in 2018 and later joined Synack as a Red Team Member(Freelance) in 2021.

I'm the 1st and till now(16/09/2023) the only Bangladeshi hacker who ranked top 10 (#6) All-Time Hall of Fame at HackTheBox amongst 100K+ hackers worldwide back in 2018-2019.